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The Practice

  • The Firm seeks to represent clients with various and diverse legal interests ranging from individuals to small and medium businesses to large corporations. The partners have a wide and varied experience and exposure in the practice of law and thus well equipped to handle matters with legal complexities.
  • The firm is involved in the preparation of a wide range of commercial documents including contracts, sale agreements, transfers, leases, licenses, business plans & proposals.
  • The firm is involved in the incorporation of companies and other business organizations including advice as to the choice of the ideal business organization to be registered, capitalization, structuring and restructuring, guidance on relevant legislation affecting the new business venture including Labour and Tax law, import/export laws, immigration law, repatriation of profits and capital. 
  • The firm has particular expertise in drafting, negotiating and implementing agreements for licensing, distribution, shareholders, stock sales, asset sales, business transfers, and assist clients in the establishment of joint ventures.
  • The firm handles intellectual property matters including trademarks, copyrights and patents and in close liaison with the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI).
  • The firm also engages in commercial litigation before various trial and appellate Courts on a wide range of matters including enforcement/realization of diverse securities such as Charges, Debentures, Bonds, Guarantees etc Liquidations, Receiverships and Bankruptcies.
  • The firm strives in offering Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) on various commercial and non commercial matters.
  • The firm also got experience in Public Procurement matters including advising clients on the legislation attendant thereto and involvement in the proceedings instituted in the Public Procurement Complaints Review & Appeals Board.